Lodge 5 quart Cast Iron Dutch oven. Great to cook the chili in to preserve the flavor.($39.90) Find it here!
Fire Red enameled cast iron pan. Perfect to show off your skills to your friends. ($68.99) Get it here!

This is a fantastic knife set great for cutting chiles and pork. ($29.99) Check it out here!
Beautifully colored dish set with great quality and easy to clean. ($73.99) Find it here!
Carbon steel baking sheet to broil your chiles on. You can also use it for all your baking needs. ($15.35) Find it here!
8 inch, extra sharp, stainless steel knife. Fantastic to cut up pork.($43.50) Get it here!
Great for cooking large amounts of green chile for the whole family. ($49.99) Find it here!
All natural bamboo cutting boards, comes with multiple sizes. ($10.99) Check it out here!